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What The Main Factors Affect Battery Life ?

August 22, 2022

Latest company news about What The Main Factors Affect Battery Life ?

01) Charging: When choosing a charger, it is best to use a charger with the correct termination device (such as anti-overcharge time device, negative voltage difference (- DV) to cut off charging and anti-overheat induction device) , so as not to shorten the battery life due to overcharging In general, slow charging is more efficient than fast charging, extending the life of the battery.


02) Discharge: The depth of discharge is the main factor affecting the battery life, the higher the depth of discharge, the shorter the battery life In other words, by lowering the discharge depth, you can significantly extend the life of the battery Therefore, we should avoid overcharging the battery to a very low voltage . b When the battery is discharged at high temperature, the service life of the battery will be shortened . c . If a designed electronic device can not completely stop all current, if the device is left unused for a long time without taking the battery out, residual current may sometimes cause excessive consumption of the battery, resulting in over-discharge of the battery . d When batteries with different capacitance, chemical structure or charge levels are used together with old and new batteries, they may discharge too much and even cause reverse charging.


03) Storage: If the battery is stored at high temperature for a long time, its electrode activity will be reduced and its service life will be shortened.

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