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What Is The Difference Between The Various Rechargeable Batteries That Are Common Today?

August 23, 2022

Latest company news about What Is The Difference Between The Various Rechargeable Batteries That Are Common Today?

    Currently, nickel-cadmium, nickel-hydrogen and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are widely used in portable devices such as laptops, video cameras and mobile phones, etc. . Each rechargeable battery has its own unique chemical property. The main difference between ni-cd and ni-mh batteries is that ni-mh batteries have a high energy density. Compared with the same type of battery, the capacity of ni-mh battery is double that of ni-cd Battery. This means that the use of nimh batteries can greatly extend the working time of equipment without adding extra weight to it. Another advantage of nimh batteries is that a greatly reduces the“Memory effect” problem that exists in cadmium batteries, making nimh batteries easier to use. Ni-mh batteries are more environmentally friendly than ni-cd batteries because they do not contain toxic heavy metals. Li-ion has also quickly become the standard power source for portable devices, providing the same power as nimh batteries, but reducing weight by about 35 percent, which is good for devices like camcorders and laptops, preparation is of paramount importance. Li-ion's complete absence of“Memory effects” and its absence of toxic substances are also important factors in making it a standard power source.


    The discharge efficiency of ni-mh Battery will decrease significantly at low temperature, and the charging efficiency will increase with the increase of temperature, but when the temperature rises above 45 °C, the performance of rechargeable battery materials will deteriorate at high temperature, the cycle life of the battery will also be greatly shortened.

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