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What Is A Fuel Cell? How Are They Classified?

September 2, 2022

Latest company news about What Is A Fuel Cell? How Are They Classified?

      A fuel cell is an electrochemical system that converts chemical energy directly into electricity.

     The most common classification method is according to the type of electrolyte, according to which fuel cells can be divided into alkaline fuel cells, generally with potassium hydroxide as electrolyte; Phosphoric acid fuel cell with concentrated phosphoric acid as electrolyte; Proton exchange membrane fuel cell with perfluorinated or partially fluorinated sulfonic acid plasmon exchange membrane as electrolyte; Molten carbonate fuel cell with molten Li-K carbonate or Li-Na carbonate as electrolyte; Solid oxide fuel cell, using solid oxide as oxygen ion conductor, such as yttrium oxide stabilized zirconia film as electrolyte. Sometimes according to the battery temperature of the battery is classified into low temperature (operating temperature below 100℃) fuel cells, including alkaline fuel cells and proton exchange membrane fuel cells; Medium temperature fuel cell (operating temperature in 100-300℃), including bacon type alkaline fuel cell and phosphate type fuel cell; High temperature fuel cells (operating temperature in 600-1000℃), including molten carbonate fuel cells and solid oxide fuel cells.

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