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Na-ion battery future new market

May 14, 2022

Latest company news about Na-ion battery future new market

The structure of sodium ion battery
It mainly includes five parts: positive electrode material, negative electrode material, electrolyte, current collector and separator.


working principle

It mainly relies on the movement of sodium ions between the positive electrode and the negative electrode to work: during charging, sodium ions are deintercalated from the positive electrode, and swim through the separator in the electrolyte to embed the negative electrode, and the negative electrode is in a sodium-rich state; during discharge, the opposite is true.


Performance advantage

High energy density, high safety in use (can be discharged to 0V), environmental protection (without lead, cadmium, mercury and other elements that pollute the environment), wide resource sources, and low cost.


Advantages of sodium ion power batteries: sodium ions use less or almost no rare metals; other slightly more expensive metals can be reduced as much as possible to a very low content, using some metals such as iron, aluminum, manganese, etc., these elements are very cheap. element, supports

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