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Lithium-ion Battery Tends To Balance For The Supply And Demand

March 12, 2022

Latest company news about Lithium-ion Battery Tends To Balance For The Supply And Demand

EnergyTrend, a new energy research brand under TrendForce, released a report saying that previously affected by China's new energy policy, the demand for power batteries continued to grow, resulting in a shortage of cylindrical lithium batteries for IT. With the market adjustment, the current tight supply situation has been gradually eased.


The latest lithium battery quotation shows that the price increase of cylindrical lithium battery in the second quarter is about 1~4%. With the expansion of production capacity, the price of polymer batteries will drop by about 1~2%. The lithium battery market maintains a relatively normal supply and demand situation.


As the demand for lithium batteries for new energy vehicles continues to increase, the trend of cylindrical batteries shifting from IT applications to power battery applications remains unchanged. In the second quarter, various IT brands gradually reduced the proportion of cylindrical batteries and continued to switch to polymer and prismatic batteries. , so that the shortage of cylindrical batteries is slowed down. EnergyTrend estimates that the supply of cylindrical lithium batteries will continue to be smooth in the third quarter of this year.


Lv Lishun, research manager of EnergyTrend, said that the demand for polymer batteries for notebook computers and mobile phones continues to increase, so that the supply of polymer batteries is expected to continue to increase. At present, the use of polymer batteries for notebook computers has gradually developed towards standardization within the brand, and polymer batteries for mobile phones are still in the stage of customization, and still maintain a small and diverse supply. In the second quarter, while the supply and demand environment of prismatic batteries remained stable, price fluctuations have gradually converged. EnergyTrend estimates that in the second half of 2016, the market demand and supply of prismatic batteries will be in balance, and the price performance will also tend to be stable.


In addition, the demand for power batteries continues to grow. China recently announced the list of new subsidy catalogue (the fourth batch of announcement catalogue), focusing on local battery factories and excluding foreign battery companies that have invested in China in the short term. Lv Lishun believes that with the rise of demand for new energy vehicles in China and the continuous introduction of favorable policies, major suppliers of lithium batteries from various countries will continue to invest in the Chinese market. Recently, Samsung will spend about 440 million US dollars to buy a 4% stake in Chinese automaker BYD, which is optimistic about the domestic demand for lithium batteries in China. At the same time, by cooperating with local enterprises, it has joined the subsidy ranks of lithium batteries for new energy vehicles in China.

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