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Investigation of Conductive Agent Application in 4.45V Cathode

March 7, 2022

Latest company news about Investigation of Conductive Agent Application in 4.45V Cathode

Acetylene black(AB),carbon nanotube(CNT)and the composite of AB and CNT were used as cathode conductive agent in 4.45V LCO. The performance test was carried out on the battery with different cathode.The result shows that CNT has the function of "LongWire". AB is evenly distributed in particle surface sand cracks, so that it has more contact points with LCO.The conductive agent can exert synergistic effect when CNT and AB are used simultaneously.The composite conductive agent can form a fine conductive network.The battery test result shows that the composite conductive agent can improve the rate capability, cycle performance and high temperature storage performance. The results of this study are of great significance for the development and use of cathode conductive agents for lithium ion batteries.

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