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How to Activate A Starved Battery

March 11, 2022

Latest company news about How to Activate A Starved Battery

A lot of people have bad habits, people often put the battery on the electric car when they are not at home. They don’t turn off the air switch. After several months, they ride the electric car and find no electricity and can’t charge successfully. The charger is plugged in, but the light stays green, even if it is plugged in for 24 hours, because the battery voltage is too low, and the charger can't flush electricity into the battery if the output voltage has big difference from the charger.


This situation is commonly said that the battery was starved to death. The battery voltage is generally only about 5.6V, not more than 6V for such a battery. On this condition, mostly people choose to change the battery but charge a few hundreds RMB, so changing battery is a little pity, especially the battery is just over the warranty of the battery.

Here introduces five good ways to save most of these starved batteries. Pay attention to that not all starved battery can be 100% saved.


1. Serial method. For example, the original car is 48V-20ah battery, so we will series another 12V-20ah battery. A plenty of the 12V battery voltage with plenty of electricity is around 13V. After series, it can enhance the group's battery voltage, and then use the original charger to charge the 48V-20Ah battery. So the electric charge can be entered after plugging in the charger. The charger shows red light, the electricity can be entered. Wait charger turns green, pull out the battery in series Then recharge normally.


2. Parallel method. The method is a little bit more complicated. For example, if the vehicle originally had 48V-20 Ah batteries, we parallel another set of 48V-20 Ah batteries. As you know, the voltage across the parallel circuit is equal, and the high voltage end will flow into the low voltage end. Many distributor often use this method when they detect no electricity. Then charge the battery. So it can achieve the charge purpose. The principle is similar to serial method by increasing the voltage of the battery pack.


3. Charge in the low voltage. Select charger with small type and charge, such as a group of 60V-20AH battery. So we are using a 48V-20AH charger for charging in most cases, It can be charged successfully. The principle is similar to the first method by making the charging voltage close to the voltage of the battery.


4. Single battery charge method. Using 12V e-motorcycle charger to charge single battery.That can activate battery. But the charge speed is very slow, usually taking above 7 hours. Then the battery voltage can be gradually recovered to about 12V. If all batteries are charged one by one, it will take much time.


5. Special charger method. It can automatically identify of battery voltage. No matter how many volts of a battery voltage, it can automatically identify the voltage, and can charge in such as the original car is 60V-20AH battery, now only 30V less than, it can still charge inside With the increase of voltage, it can fully adapt to the higher voltage, and then charge the battery. Tailing, Lvjia e-bike, Jinpeng tricycle mated charger of the brand.

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