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Can Any Charger Be Used For Rechargeable Portable Batteries?

September 13, 2022

Latest company news about Can Any Charger Be Used For Rechargeable Portable Batteries?

The answer is No, because any charger corresponds only to a specific charging process, only to a specific electrochemical process, such as lithium-ion, lead-acid or Ni-MH batteries, which not only have different voltage characteristics, and the charging mode is different. Only the specially developed fast charger can make Ni-MH Battery get the most suitable charging effect. Slow Chargers can be used in times of need, but more time is needed, special attention should be paid to, although some chargers have a qualified label, however, the use of the device as a charger for batteries in different electrochemical systems should be especially, carefully, as the qualified label only indicates that the device meets European electrochemical standards or other national standards, the label does not give any information about what type of battery it is suitable for. Charging a Ni-MH Battery with a low-cost charger will not yield satisfactory results, the same is true for other types of battery chargers.

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