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Basic principles of battery

March 3, 2022

Latest company news about Basic principles of battery

1. What is battery?
Batteries are a device for energy conversion and storage. It converts chemical or physical energy into electrical energy through reaction. root
According to the different energy conversion of batteries, batteries can be divided into chemical batteries and physical batteries.
Chemical battery or chemical power supply is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It consists of two electrochemically active electrodes with different components
Positive and negative electrodes, which use a chemical substance that can provide media conduction as an electrolyte, when connected to an external carrier, through conversion
Its internal chemical energy provides electric energy.

2. What are the differences between primary and secondary batteries?
The main difference is the difference of active substances. The active substances of secondary batteries are reversible, while the active substances of primary batteries are not reversible. once
The self discharge of the battery is much smaller than that of the secondary battery, but the internal resistance is much larger than that of the secondary battery, so the load capacity is low. In addition, the quality of the primary battery
The specific capacity and volume specific capacity are larger than those of ordinary rechargeable batteries.

3. What is the electrochemical principle of lithium ion battery?
The positive electrode of lithium ion battery is mainly composed of LiCoO2 and the negative electrode is mainly C. when charging,
Positive reaction: LiCoO2 → Li1-xCoO2 + XLI + + Xe  Negative reaction: C + XLI + + XE - → Clix
Total battery reaction: LiCoO2 + C → Li1-xCoO2 + Clix
The reverse reaction of the above reaction occurs during discharge

4. What are the common standards for batteries?
Common IEC standards for batteries: the standard for Ni MH batteries is iec61951-2:2003; The lithium ion battery industry is generally based on UL or national standards
Common national standard of battery: the standard of Ni MH battery is GB / t15100_ 1994,GB/T18288_ 2000; The standard of lithium battery is
GB/T10077_ 1998,YD/T998_ 1999,GB/T18287_ 2000。
In addition, the common standards of batteries also include the standards of Japanese Industrial Standard JIS C on batteries.
IEC, the International Electrical Commission, is a world organization composed of national electrical commissions
The purpose of the organization is to promote standardization in the field of electrical and electronic engineering in the world. IEC standards are formulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission

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